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HarlequinRIPlogoExpress RIP v12 is the only native PostScript and native PDF Interpreter in the Market, it comes from Global Graphics, called Harlequin Scriptwork RIP. Compose licensed the RIP and called it Express RIP for the last 30 years. It is the fastest interpreter in the market filled with loads of features including unique screening enhancement for Inkjet printing.


ExpressRIP 300x300

Express RIP solution is scalable to suit the market requirement, it can be offered in a multiple RIP situation to step up the ripping power, or printing variable data on labels such as Hang Tags labels, or security printing involving QR codes.


rip en v1.0.006


Feature Highlights

o Express RIP support 1 bit or 8 bit Tiff.
o Express RIP can also output BMP in 1, 2, 3, 4, 8 bit format.
o Native support for PDF 1.6 through to PDF 2.0, also PDF/X-1a, PDF/X-3 and PDF/X- 4, PDF/VT
o Choice of raster and vector in-Rip trapping options.
o Supports multiple input channels - NT Print, NT Pipe, Spool folder, Socket TCP/IP, and Serial port.
o Compose offer services to create customer’s defined format.
o High performance simultaneously RIP and print, multiple RIPs solution for heavy duty production system.
o Improved multi-threaded rendering for multi core technologies, ensuring it can keep up with all the highspeed printing heads such as Kyocera and Fuji Samba.
o Multiple screening options, including 2 bit and 3 bit screening for modern Inkjet heads.
o Compose provides support well over 200 output devices including modern Inkjet heads and different unique interfaces.

Performance Enhancement Options

The 3 Performance options for the Express Harlequin RIP will allow the Express RIP to fully utilize the computer's resources and dramatically increase the throughput for multiple-page and variable data document.

For Multiple-Page Document

If you are printing multiple-page document, the Max Thread and Harlequin Parallel Pages options allow full utilization of computing threads to process more than a page at a time.

For Variable Data Document

If you are printing variable data document, the Max Thread, Harlequin Parallel Pages and Harlequin VariData options will provide the best performance by caching the static elements and ripping only the variable elements, at more than one page simultaneously. As an example, a variable data job with 4 records per page and a total of 10,000 pages will take 1 hour and 17 min to process on a standard Express RIP with no options added. The same job will take 11 min only with all 3 options enabled.

Express RIP can be multi-threaded, allowing different tasked to be performed simultaneously. Multi threads allow the RIP to execute PS/PDF rendering, and at the same time carry out transparency combination, trapping and output to Print devices at the same time.

rip en v1.0.009

Express RIP is also equipped with an advance feature to support Variable data printing when there is a static background. Only the variable data element is processed one record at a time. By saving the time to rip the static background, one can gain a lot of productivity time using this method particularly in Label Printing. 

rip en v1.0.010


Advanced Screening Technology

Harlequin Precision screening (HPS) – it is a traditional screening technology with a clear rosette in the view, showing how the CMYK dots are placed. Harlequin has many screening pattern available for different type of printing requirement

rip en v1.0.013

rip en v1.0.014


MultiBit Output

Multi Bit imageThe Compose MultiBit Plugin generates multibit output files. Features include - 

  • Support 1-bit, 2-bit, 3-bit, 4-bit and 8-bit output files
  • Support 5 different screens - Super Fine, Fine, Medium, Coarse and Super Coarse.
  • Support TIFF and BMP output formats.
  • TIFF formats - uncompress, LZW or PackBits compressed.
  • BMP formats - 4 bit per pixel or 8 bit per pixel.
  • User can customize the output file pixel value for each output pixel value for BMP files.
  • Support Monochrome, CMYK and N-Color including CMYKW, CMYKOG, CMYKOGV
  • User can specify output filename with customize color name or color code
  • Output custom job ticket


rip en v1.0.015

To some advanced users, they may prefer to use HXM screening for a better definition on images. Samples on how it would look like is better demonstrated on the picture below.

rip en v1.0.016

Color management

Express RIP provides excellent color control to ensure consistent, accurate and predictable color reproduction. Users can create ICC profiles using ColorPro or can use pre-configured ICC profile plug-ins that Compose has developed for a variety of devices.
Support Multiple linear curve in 2bits, 3 bits and 4 bits dots.
Support different linear value by individual corrections
-support each primary color curve with individual corrections.

rip en v1.0.018

rip en v1.0.019

rip en v1.0.020

rip en v1.0.021

rip en v1.0.022

Define your own color rendering Intent

  • Coloring intend can be adjusted depending on requirement
  • like increasing/decreasing a certain color intent
  • Adjusting the ink dot value
  • Changing the Black generation method.

rip en v1.0.023

Spot color matching

This feature is a most popular request by Label Printers, Compose provides a Spot color matching solution, called Spot Matcher which is tie with the RIP color tablet. Spot Matcher allows users to define Spot Color visually or by measurement device, making it quick and easy to obtain an accurate value.

rip en v1.0.024

rip en v1.0.025